Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Jiarui Xie
I have come to US for about 9 months, the hardest problem I encountered in my study and living was language. English as my second language, however I need to use it when I am thinking and reasoning. Of cause in writing, I say “have to” because I really hate writing and writing in English is always a thing make me dying faster. When I begin to face doing this, I was feeling hopeless. Since, everything you want to say and everything you want to write about come out firstly in your mind is Chinese. Then you try to translate your Chinese into English, so sometimes you really feel what you intend to say does not make sense to the listener, meanwhile when you try to translate in your mind first you must consider which word is suitable for this situation. Even you know number of words when you need them, it seems that nothing comes out just some simple word, you will feel disappointed and then you give up. After that, you should consider which paten is probable to use in this sentence.
Apparently, you can see in my posting, I was easy to forget paying attention to your tense. At least I always forget that. That is my difficulty in writing an essay. What I want to do is to practice more read more and listen more. (Just all about my feeling about writing in English)
Furthermore, What I learned in writing an essay, basically, you must make your opinion clearly, you don not have to use many outstanding words some even you do not usually use them in any situation. I am a Chinese I usually confuse about word choice because I don not know among a lot of words with same meaning which one is common use in American way. When a big word come out in your essay may make a big joke. You should make sure you have you are using words correctly. If you do not know, what the word mean or how to use it, you had better not use it. You sentences must look tidy and not present any obstacle to readers. However, one thing I should suggest that avoid using the same word repeatedly, I was doing poor in this aspect. Try to think of a different word that can be substituted. I often have the feeling why I write the same word in the same paragraph several times. However, sometimes I have no idea. just let it be there. Word choice will kill me someday, I suppose.
The thesis of the essay must be a guide or a leader to the essay, each individual paragraph of your essay should be focus on single idea of your thesis. Sentences should not be choppy, and they should not run on beyond a single idea. It is better to have a topic sentence of each paragraph that announces the theme of the paragraph. The reader can easily aware that, what you are going to say and in which aspect you are sticking to and developing.
You are not just expounding your idea; you must have evidence to support your idea. Using examples and quotations in your essay is a clearly and sensible way to make it. It will present to your readers that you are logical and you are certainly sure what your want to say. It is important doing this in your essay writing. In other word, make every effort possible to be clear about each point in the essay.
The first paragraph and the title are generally very important to an assay. In the real world readers make up their mind buy glancing at your title and first paragraph, some will even regardless your first paragraph.
Do not be cheesy with your conclusion and make sure you choose a significant and clearly way to end up your essay. Make it goes like your development. Do not make it too complicated to understand.
After you finishing your essay, revising and check is also quite essential.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Chengdu City

Chengdu City
“Chengdu is a city once your have been there, you will not leave anymore.” This is the claim that the video makes at both the beginning and the end of the video. How would you feel if a city promo make a propagandistic claim like this one does? No body will notice that but just walk away without staying over when look at this promo on the television. At least you would want to wait and figure out where it is talking about. The first step is definitely successful drawing audiences’ attention.

The argument this promo made was competitive. It was competitive as no one used this striking claim to advertise a city as he does. He is the director of this promo he is an internationally acclaimed director in China, and he is authoritative in Chinese film industry. He is
Zhang Yimou. He is one of my favorite directors for many reasons. Not only because his movie was always beautifully shot, well direct and sensitively done, but also he often deal with different issues. As the most famous and successful director in China, he is talent at grab the argument of an issue. In addition, he is a forceful storyteller; also, he is one of the most prolific, versatile and significant of these Fifth Generation directors. His signature as a filmmaker is a storytelling mode dominated by visual display. “Chengdu is a traditional and modern harmony and unity of the city. Chengdu shooting for the film image is very meaningful thing. "Zhang Yimou praised this beautiful Chengdu. The city makes him immediately felt burning passion upheavals, which stimulated his creative passion. He readily responded when asking why he accepted the film invitation.

The visual display is what I am going to convey this video. The director used a story to connect the completely short movie, using both narration and pathos. Sure enough Zhang Yimou film with a storyline and shooting techniques to image interpretation Chengdu promo. The story begins with a grandson want to accomplish his grandma’s dream taking pictures of Chengdu for her since she is too old to travel so far away. She wanted to see what her hometown looks like now. Author used narration through the entire context making a video more admiring and acceptable. Using the emotional appeals in the city promo makes you feel friendly. It was not a commercial for a product. However, it is a filial affection so that makes more engaged in the film.

What appeals you the most in the film? When the grandson bring you back to the place where his grandma used to live and play. The Wuhou Temple (located on the outskirts of
Chengdu City, was built in the sixth century to commemorate Zhuge Liang (Kongming), known for his great wisdom. He was the Premier of the Shu, one of the "Three Kingdoms" in of 221-263A.D. and he was given the title "Wu Hou" (Premier). It was rebuilt on the same location by Emperor Kangxi in the early Ch'ing Dynasty (1616 ~ 1911A.D.), The Thatched Cottage of Du Fu (located at the side of the Flower Washing Brook in the western suburbs of Chengdu. The cottage is the former residence of the famous Tang Dynasty poet, Du Fu. In the year 759 A.D., at the age of 47, compelled by poverty and social upheaval, he moved from Gansu to the outskirts of Chengdu and built a thatched hut. During his stay of nearly four years, he composed more than 240 poems reflecting upon the misery of the people. The original residence disappeared long ago. It was renovated in the Ming and Qing dynasties and enlarged to its present scale in an expansive park, including a bamboo garden, several pavilions, and a number of bridges.) Dujiangyan is famed throughout the land, three loops, Qintai Road, Chun-xi Road 1945 fashion flair, These unique multi-cultural and multi-color are integrate into this tinny film. However, a five minutes film manifest that Chengdu is both a historic traditional and modern city. Many places of historic interests presented its long-standing history. Many high tech constructions demonstrated that Chengdu is also a modern city. Focus on the city once you have been here, you will not leaving anymore.

Comparison-contrast is used in the film. The ton of the film at the beginning is very clam and peace is background music is light even using traditional song as he thought of his grandma might have many dreams in here when she was young. Everything looks peace harmony and beautiful. The adorable kid flying the kite, and Tan embroidering the handkerchief…… The passion of the Chengdu used the harder music as a background and the traditional drum beat from the “Chuan Opera” The mood alternate between active and peaceful are through out the entire film. The comparison makes Chengdu more fascinating by its ever-changing pattern. Furthermore, you will not leave once you have been to Chengdu.

Director unnoticeably categorized this film into three part including: the pathos made from the basic story and the culture aspects revealed in the story and the quality of the group of nation. The culture the food culture and living culture. Every aspect you can imagine in a city life can be found in this tinny film.

Five minutes on her right Chengdu miss the "small films." Zhang Yimou's film is a 75-film box from the clips only.These 75 boxes of transparencies, for a total time of 12 hours, the film is far more than "Hero."(one of his works). From the works, he has done to complete the promo we can see how dedicated he dedicated in this “small film”.
Work Cited: Writer: Jack Quian Ph.D. Publisher: Published 2006 AuthorHouse

Walk Away

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Free Writing

I will die of starving those days. One meal a day was a normal thing in this week. Lazy and picky might kill myself. I am very particular about my food. No matter hoe hungry, I am if the food is so bad I will not eat them anyway. Sometimes I feel I was starving but I still cannot eat anything I dislike instead. Since I came to United States, the biggest issue for me is to get used to the food culture. We do ear burger and pizza as our dinner, we eat rice every meal. I do not like to eat things that have not been cooked. I cannot stand everything with cheese and ketchup. This kind of food I can only eat once a week, I guess, more than once I will not feel very well.

I am from south part of China - Sichuan. Our area is famous for hot and spicy food. We eat spicy food everyday. The “hot pot” is famous all over the world. We eat “hot pot” no matter winter or summer. Every one knows that Chinese eat together and use chopstick. I enjoy many people in one table and sharing food. If I want to eat Chinese food in here, actually, it is not very hard to find. No matter what the taste of food cannot be the same. No other way to so I just get use to eat in this place. I can eat a lot when I was eating in the Chinese restaurant.

Eating is most important part of our life, so ear what you like to eat and learn to eat what is new. If you have chance to eat food all over the world, it must be very cool thing to try.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Free Writing

I am a crazy shopping fan, I love shopping very much. I am crazy about beautiful clothes. I do not know if it is a kind of illness. Since I saw my favorite clothes, I did not buy it right away. When I went back home I would feel somewhat stressed. Therefore, I would rather buy them if I do not want to feel that way. I am crazy about shopping reveals on my shopping attitude, sometimes I know I should not have buy so much clothes, because I have already had so many clothes. Nevertheless, when I went to malls or shops I just could not help myself purchasing clothes. Sometimes I feel it was so bad. I do not want to squander money in that way, I should not waste too many money on clothing. I am writing about this because I
went shopping again today. I thought I was so addictive to fancy clothes that I must think of quitting. I promised myself today I would not go shopping before I going back home. I could not afford myself doing this. Gosh! Do not take me to any shopping area and do not tell me that some shop is on sale. I promised that I must obey it. Please, watch over me my friends! Hope I am not eating my word.
Girls like dressing beautifully, of cause it is a good thing. We have born to have rights to make us look beautiful and lovely. That normal and should be recommended but we cannot do it overly beyond the margin. I guess I have been realizing it for a long time. However, I just could not stop myself going to beautiful clothes.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Free writing

Free writing
I will go back to my home(Chengdu) in four weeks. I am really anxious to say my family and friends. As the day nearby the more times, I think about my family the more I miss them. I have not seen them almost one year. I miss my mother father and sister.

The dishes my mother cooks and the games I used to playing with my sister. Things become more precious when you loss them. You always ignores you mother when she urged you repeatedly to do something. You even imagine if one day without their chattering life will to more wonderful. One day you do have to live on your own, you will find out without their help, life seems to be more out of control and irritating. At that time all the chattering just like a key to your life make you more clearly to do what you should do and what you should not do.

Every time my little sister break into my room and disturbing me when I was doing my on business. I really need to focus on the thing I was doing. I was getting very mad and shouting at her:” Do not touch my staff, leave me along.” Sometimes, she asked me to play games with her. I was just try to temporize her and run away. When there is nobody trouble you like that you will think how cute and how sweet she is. Her lovely smile and her sweet voice when her hello you through the phone.

I love them because they are my everything, they are the most important and precious people in the world. They are my whole world.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007